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Disciplined inquisitiveness.
January 3, 2011, 6:44 pm
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Quiet. I’m trying to learn it.

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“The traffic of your thoughts and the verbosity of your mind begin to become just basic chatter that goes into the universe.”



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“Creativity flourishes in solitude.” More here.

[via @drkiki]


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The reticent volcano keeps

His never slumbering plan–

Confided are his projects pink

To no precarious man.

[Emily Dickinson, No. 1748 | via The Autobiography of Red, p. 22]


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I like quiet, but it’s rare the older you get (or maybe you get more sensitive to it? I have no idea…).

It’s a complex composition, to begin with the idea of quiet and then move to a quote by Dickinson with the word volcano.

Wait… what does a volcano sound like? Whoosh?


Comment by somethingnewplease

The kind of complex composition only quiet will permit 🙂

Perhaps a more refined use of “quiet” is required.

“Quiet.” As in “peace and…”

Also: Splash.

Comment by Christa Teston

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